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Macho, macho, macho man, I wanna be, a macho man!

Yeah, that pretty much sums up this game. It’s a horizontal shooter that ‘suffers’ the infamous ‘euroshmup’ syndrome. You might wonder what the hell is an ‘euroshmup’, right? Well, I’ll be brief as you can check forum for a better insight and why is seen as such a sinful and pejorative term.

In short: it implies the use of a shield/hull integrity system (meaning, you don’t die in one hit), ship inertia (you don’t have instant and accurate control response), the hitbox is your entire ship (which usually makes thing really hard when your ship is a slug and huge as hell), there are a lot of unavoidable patterns, incredibly weak weapons that you have to upgrade and experiment with, lack of “popcorn” enemies (the ones that die in one hit), cheap moments and other things.

I have to say I hated this game the first time I played it. I hated it with passion. I was really biased by Gradius and R-Type series so finding myself unable to cut everything with my weapons was frustrating but, well, I decided to overcome my annoyance and survive through the first missions. Glad I did. The game gets so much better as you progress and upgrade all your stuff. It peaks when you get the ship that allows you to remove the inertia and you can finally move around with more freedom.

When you get past the wall of annoyance that scared most people, you get a solid, highly hilarious game with one hell of a soundtrack that owns every damn game that relies on boring and repetitive crappy techno beats.

While I don’t consider the soundtrack completely heavy metal due to having a lot of influences outside it, the music is freaking rock n’ roll, baby! It’s so badass, manly, out of control, great when the screen keeps shaking at the rhythm of the explosions. I would love to hear either more rock or a full cheesy old school heavy metal soundtrack in mech shooters. It fits the ambience so much better than the, by now, overused techno stuff. I mean, it’s “heavy metal”, you know, and the ships are metal too and everything exploding, over-the-top enemies, big badass bosses, it all fits the bill for a ‘metal’ topic.

Nevermind, after beating the game and getting the chance of a second run with all your previous upgraded equipments… I have to say this has become a favourite of mine. Silly jokes aside, the market where you buy your weapons is pure gold. Each weapon has a set of insane comments that most of the time might bring a little smile.

YES. Don’t forget to smile. I will stress that quite a lot. People need to smile more and bitch less.

So, to conclude, I will point out the game is not freeware but now and then it goes up for free at the game giveaway of the day so just stay tuned and grab it when you have the chance. Else, you might wanna spend the 29.99usd they ask for it as it’s pure old school shooting action and it’s extremely lengthy for a shooter. No 6 stages and one extra, here you have like 40 missions and quite a lot of replay value with the second runs.

Must have if you like rock, explosions, chaos, blood, manliness, chaos and a non-girly ambience (enough with the loli, Japan!) to feed the destructive impulses Freud once talked about.

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This is the playlist I built with several videos featuring the game:

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