Game development

Recently, I have started developing a small game. It’s a visual novel done with a neat and free VN engine where I’ll try to tell a story that, otherwise, would’ve been ignored due to my lack of total control of the english language.

It’s a certainly moody experience, quite odd and hard to explain.

I’ll probably make two full releases, one in spanish (my mother language) and the other in english for the people.

It’s still at a very early stage of development (which I just call version 0.10a) and I am still tweaking a lot of the storyline and graphical aspects. I’m hoping to have a couple of people beta testing it before the final release, which will be freeware I guess and is estimated to be around… Nah, kidding, it’ll be released when it’s done but my self imposed deadline is around the end of July or August, not much else or I’ll risk losing it and scrapping the whole thing. Yes, the infamous “full of energy start” that leads to a quick stagnation, boredom and cancellation.

I’ll keep updating this thing now and then and create a special section for this yet unnamed project.

Acerca de alphaprospector

Writer, editorial consultant and multi-everything of doujin production circle Primum Soft.
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