Jets ‘N’ Guns Gold: After the Apocalypse

After beating the game and going through it in a second run, I decided to make a quick guide showcasing which weapons I found comfortable enough along with the accessories I added to the ships since this game can be quite friendly in easy but is royally frustrating in normal/hard do to the inherent “euroshmup” stylistic choices. Don’t be fooled though, this is an amazing, lengthy and, most importantly, FUN and hilarious stg. You will smile, you’ll laugh at the craziness, that’s great in these days of SERIOUS BUSINESS.

– The first missions (and I mean like 10-15 of the total 40 missions) are a royal pain in the ass due to the obscenely weak weapons. Thus, you might wanna try not to go crazy trying to gun down everything because half of the enemies go way too fast for the slow and weak weapons to track and destroy them. You’ll have your vengeance in the amazing second run. Trust me, it’s great to waste it all before it even shows up in the screen to fire.

– The game has a brutal amount of weapons available but that leads to confusions, especially due to the names and descriptions. For bombs, anything that can be used to drop a bomb on top of an enemy ship will do. For missiles, I wouldn’t get any except the homing ones. The rest suck beyond reason (there is even one that targets the ground, ergo, makes bombs pointless!)

– For ships: I would stick with the main ship and upgrade it to the max (especially the cooling system and part of the engines for extra speed) and getting the License would be good to earn more $$$ after each mission. CarnageTV module is cheap, grants you a lot of cash during ground missions and is, overall, hilarious (MULTIKILL! TEXAS MASSACRE!, etc.) Later on, the limo one will help in some missions and the biplane-like ship will also do the job but the true star is the experimental ship you have to steal in the mid-game missions. The Wing Geometry upgrade of this ship completely changes the experience and, overall, improves it a lot! If only we could’ve had this option for the starting ship…

– Main guns: After extensively trying most of them, upgrading and trying some more… Daisycutters upgraded to the max+Pink Panthers usually do the work on heavy frontal missions. As soon as you get the chance to buy radiators upgraded to full and a cooling device (you can mount it as a weapon), go for two radiators (one in front, the other covering the sorry a$$ of the poor ship) and a Daisycutter fully upgraded. If you have enough cash I would just go FULL radiators, all upgraded, using the cooling device (sacrifices one weapon but it’s worth) and the slow limousine-like ship with some upgrades. This will grant you almost 360º shooting coverage. Whatever gets past your front gets pummelled by the back cannons. However, the radiators aren’t too strong. This is where the missiles and the bombs come handy. The guided ones will save you the pain of aiming and the multi-bomb is just amazing to own big ships.

– Towards the end you’ll get a lot of expensive weapons but it’s better to fully upgrade the ship (yep, the experimental one that has WING GEOMETRY <<< removes the inertia, ergo, turns Jets ‘N’ Guns into a cool horizontal stg instead of an euroshmup!) and remove the radiators for something similar but better (the sun ray cannons and the x-ray weapon, alias, scatter gun) With the improved ship+cooling device+still a good 270º/almost 360º coverage you can practically clear the game without much issues. The defense spheres are also welcome since they will hit enemies and the power shield might save you from some hits. Obviosuly, some crazy end-game weapons+heatsinker will probably make for a great chaos as well.

That’s it. This is not an extensive guide, just some stuff I came up with after playing the thing for hours. I loved it. All hail screen covering radiators, guided missiles, rock ‘n’ roll and lasers!

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