Development Update

Still stuck in version 0.30e. I’m already designing the spanish covers and translating some of the text. I’m beginning to wonder if I should’ve made it in spanish from the start…

Quite a lot of text and progress has been done with the story. I calculate around 15-20 mins of gameplay so far if nobody goes into a click-fest (which is bound to happen anyway) or skips things.

The story relies quite a lot on unexpected events so skipping/clicking like mad will only ruin things so I’ll make sure to put a warning or something in the readme/about.

I’m still stuck with the default Ren’Py interface and menus but I’ll develop my own buttons and stuff for them. I already created custom icons and I’ll surely perform a self-installer when the moment of distributing the demo (version 0.50e with the improved custom menus and 35-40% of the story available and ready) arrives.

The title of the game is still private as I might end up changing or modifying it a bit later so it’s still “Unnamed VN Project”.
That’s it for the moment. I will update now and then with news or other random stuff.

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Writer, editorial consultant and multi-everything of doujin production circle Primum Soft.
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