T.C.G. Development Update

I reached version 0.60e. Looking good so far, the game finally starts looking more pro and less like a PowerPoint place holder. Working towards version 0.80e if able. 70% of the script is written though it needs some fine tuning.  70% of the music/sounds are kinda done though I’m yet to decide what to take out in order to keep the file size at the minimum (I aim for 70-80mb at a max, with a total play length of around two hours, three/three and a half for slower people) and 80% of the artworks are ready so, to sum it up, the game is almost hitting 70% of completion. Let’s make it 80%/90% by next week.

Most things have already been customised, like the “click-to-continue” arrows, the main and game menu backgrounds, splash screens, loading screens, transitions, effects and such. I only have to modify and adapt the main and game menu options to my own egocentric and pedantic needs.

I’m still thinking about including an image gallery for the release version, not sure about that. Same deal for the opening/ending sequences.

Perhaps it’s time to request the aid of a musician for those tasks…

That’s it for now, the game has a name and all but I’ll use its codename (T.C.G.) as I don’t feel like giving away more info till I have the demo (ver 0.50e) ready and polished.

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Writer, editorial consultant and multi-everything of doujin production circle Primum Soft.
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