The Circular Gate Demo released+Random Blabbering

Yes, I moved my sorry a$$ and released both the PC and Mac demo.

Head to this thread to download ‘em: Click Here

I should really start building the small promotion site for the game and attach it to the log… I’ll do so this week I guess.

So the name of my recent work has finally been revealed. Expert more madness about it soon.

Where is the random blabbering? Over here:

“Special Force EX Generation Productnoid is exceptional product of Networks in ruined intellectual chaos of Alphacore constructions of computered global Networks… this is the OmegaBoost”.

This is engrish at its finest. It appears on the case of the super-amazing, glorious, epic Omega Boost, a PSX game by Polyphony Digital. It’ll soon be 10 years since it’s release and it pretty much went ignored, which is a pity because the game is far much enjoyable than many newer so-called “next-gen” releases and puts to shame a lot of PS2 games.

Omega Boost Japanese Cover

Omega Boost Japanese Cover

I could’ve scanned the cover of the game myself since I also have the NTSC-J version but… too lazy to do that so thanks to Snesorama forums for providing the cover image to illustrate the sheer awesomeness of this game. IT OWNS IT ALL.

I love Omega Boost. Simple as that. Pew pew, shooting guided laser missiles, manly mechs, explosions, chaos, lock-ons, lasers, huge bosses… It has it all, dammit. So far, so good!

My friends already tremble in panic whenever I mention this thing as I can and will go into hyperdrive mode as I keep wishing more games like that and less of all the cutesy crap that is plaguing us. No more sugar, please. More heavy metal!

Last games I can recall had a similar system in a mainstream console, unless I missed something, were Rez for DC and PS2 and Panzer Dragoon Orta for the big black brick called Xbox. WHY DIDN’T IT GET A PC PORT! Unforgivable. I love shooters on-rails, some of the coolest borderliners…

Ok, enough blabbering for now. Peace and glory for everyone.

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