Site updates

Finally moving my sorry a$$ and updating things a bit. I created a “Game releases” section where all the upcoming stuff will be stored as well as adjusting tags, bla, bla, bla, yadda, yadda.

Gotta make some banners and flashy eye-candy but I’ve been playing way too much Osu! because of a particular someone…

Osu! is the antithesis of Audiosurf. It’s everything Audiosurf isn’t: anal, precise, mind-breaking game of precision that kills mouses and breakes the will. It’s all about score, score, score. Forget about pleasant surreal trips across acid-induces 3d landscapes at the rhythm of your favourite song.

They are both plagued by pop and generic tecno japa-crap but Osu! is far more offensive in that field but Audiosurf isn’t guilty-free either… It at least lets me play Symphony X, Dream Theater and many others without worrying that the song will suddenly come to an end because I messed two notes. Jeez.

In other news: Panzer Dragoon arrived from the mail and it’s the best game ever. Long live Sega Saturn.

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