The Circular Gate Minisite Released+development update

Yes! Finally, dammit. About freaking time. I have finished the pathetic attempt at a minisite inside this thing called “Digital Log”, also known as “Blog”.

¡Tomá destino!

You can go to the Game Releases section in order to access it but here is a link anyway. Must spam link:

Click Here

I also have a development update:

I’ll skip the demo version I had planned. I’ll go directly for the full release at a later time ‘cause I’m really too lazy to do the whole file compiling and other annoyances. Plus I STILL need to contact the composer and deliver him an almost full version so he can gather enough inspiration (and so I can put the proper credits as well!)

In short: I’ve finishing fleshing the 10 chapters I originally planned. Just gotta add some extra sentences here and there, proof-read it, get a real proof reader+beta tester and wait for the muzzak in order to make the full release.

Again, sorry, but I can’t be bothered making a whole new site for the “gaem” (actually, Visual Novel) and I prefer to keep everything centralized in the same core of madness, aka, this place. Plus everything people wanna see is flashy stuff and, well, you have a screenshots section, don’t make me go to Flash in order to make the same old “trailer-like” crap and banners. Ain’t no mood for that.

Ok, done with this. I really wanted to add flashy background and such but I’ll let the work speak for itself and do drone-promoting everywhere. Of course, this is a VN we are talking about and it has zero loli, zero japano-stuff or japano-fanwank, zero humans and zero love. This is odd sci-fi on acid, inspired by the old Myst, Darkseed and other things. Madness I say. And ambience, lots of ambience.

In fact, whenever I release this thing, turn the freaking volume up, sit and let the sound and the imagery engulf you, forget about the stupid word count, the watatatatata and the wititititi!

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