TCG Minisite updated and Links up

The Circular Gate ministe has been updated and the Links section of the site is finally up.

More stuff: I’ve pretty much finished developing the game. It needs to go through the editing process and I’ll need to place the BGM for the final release. Glory to Nicol Armarfi for joining this insane project and making “epic muzzak” for it.

I don’t know. Not sure if this will be the True Remembrance of western VNs but if it can at least change something, improve the whole ambience, so be it.

As long as people think more, imagine more, feel awe-inspired, feel the epicness, I’ll be happy.

Remember there is a lot more in the universe. I WANT TO BELIEVE.

By the way, time for the ego-inflating auto-wank picture/show off moment of doujin stuff. Recently I got the Scarlet Weather Rhapsody OST (freaking amazing), a little Touhou arrange album with Kaguya on the cover (sorry, I used to remember the name but I call it NEET-disc now), and the king of shootan gaems, Samidare (also freaking amazing… and don’t mind the fact that the sticker with the price was ripped, it was 525 yen =P):

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