The Rise and Fall of Gemini (VN Release)

Ok, I’m glad to present the results of a small yet really pretty project I collaborated in.

As stated by the title, it is called The Rise and Fall of Gemini and was written by Kazuki Mishima (三島 和希). I did the background art for this VN. The music was composed of some nice and (hopefully) free tunes.

Here is the small promotional banner that Kazuki did for the VN:


The discussion thread for the game is right HERE if you want to take a look.

Kazuki’ site can be visited HERE.

You can download the VN (roughly 14.5 mb)  from the following links, which by the way are not mine but posted by Kazuki:





Ah, jeez, I suck when it comes to present the product. They even told me this during my thesis but, what the hell, I won’t go into deep details but I really liked how it ended up looking, though I obviously need to keep practising BG art.

I’ll be including an entry on the game releases section with the same info under a new “Collaborative/Other Works” section.

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