C76 Aki Sisters Anthology Project -Autumn-

So, yes about time I do a post about this. Sorry to Nakasako if this was expected. Stupid work prevented me from doing it earlier.


You might wonder wth is that banner. As the title of the post says, we (my brother and I) got into the upcoming Aki Sisters Anthology Project by Reine Musik, to be released during Comiket 76. At least I’ll be there in spirit, sending my weirdness across the energetic routes.

Cute, delicious sisters of autumn.

We’ve submitted a piano arrange recorded live on our ancient piano of old, a crazy abstract artwork of Shizuha and her surreal danmaku and a combo of a super-short story with a small attempt at poetry. The literary parts are in spanish although I’m working on english translations as I type…

… I just wish I wouldn’t be so stupidly sick.  You tell people to close the windows because it gets cold, the idiots open the windows and I freeze to death. And with the whole paranoia of the “pork influenza” (aka: la “gripe porcina” over here), I’m more paranoid than ever. Joint pain, sorethroat, headaches, ears blocked, nose completely blocked, overall sensation of being almost a RE zombie.

Anyway, I’ll be adding a link to Nakasako’s website on the links section… as well as spamming this little banner on my sigs.

So, yep, awesome. I’ll try to work further on TCG but at my current state and with the submission deadline so close… Must-finish-stuff. And scare the japanese with my ‘spanishness’.

Being sick sucks. Perhaps it’s time to pay a visit to the doctor. Dr. House maybe? At least I know it’s not lupus.

What surprised me was to see people from Maikaze, TAM and more… Makes me feel a bit small considering how much I like the Touhou Violin series and the Drea/Seal/Spirit trio of albums.

I’ll also make a little promotional banner for the Anthology. More weirdness on the works if I don’t faint first. Who could’ve known I was going to turn Touhou into Darius… Blame ZUN for his job on Taito :p

/end english

No doy más… me caigo sobre el teclado. Tengo que estar bien para la p%$” Feria del Libro. Maldito dólar, pará de subir.

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