Random updates

Yeah, random updates. I updated the links section, added a banner to Nakasako (中雑魚酒菜/ライネ・ムジーク/Reine Musik) site and a little, brand new Primum Mobile banner for this thing/digital log.

Lookies, banner!


Other than that, I’m on the process of fixing the TCG site, correcting a whole damn bunch of typos and crap, as well as updating the “game” (it’s not a game, it’s a Visual Novel, and a non-linear one to top it all) information to fit the current 0.99e stage.

Release coming sooner or later. Later than sooner. Whenever I can be bothered finishing the credits and doing a final pre-release beta test and/or massive typos and consistency check.

Time for the random blabber? Nah. Just some loot I got on the mail last week and I’ve been listening consistently to. Yes, because we can’t be posting walls of text without any imagery, huh? Goes against the Internet and other laws.


On the left: Acoustic Shooter from the circle formerly known as =NeutraL=, now turned into some strange and scary compendium of things/artists called Frontier Create. They still have some cool stuff buy I’m fearing they are going the IOSYS way…

On the right: From Kitsune’s Workshop (aka: 狐の工作室)… “EPIC ORCHESTRAL EOSD”. Simply put, freaking awesome. The album is called Touhou Gensou Koumakyou or something like that, let’s just drop the kanji for the sake of accuracy: 『東方幻想界 -紅魔郷の音-』. The orchestral SWR album was great and I hope they keep up the epic bar high. Please don’t add guitars or something too tecno (there are already 1 million people doing that already), stick to the genre, please, please, please.

Loving both at the moment. Coupling this with constant listenings of Heaven & Hell, Dio-era Black Sabbath, Dio solo works, Tony Martin-era Black Sabbath and Running Wild. I owe myself a good listen of all the Ozzy-era Black Sabbath.

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