Rise, rise!

Good lord, the net has been horribly slow nowadays. Not just here, at work too. FREAKING EVERYWHERE.

So here I am, another random update.


New banner from Nakasako. Getting there! A.D.P. finished his piano arrange (and god it costed one and half the other…) and I’m giving the last touches to the short story+poem and revising the artwork so it looks as glorious and epic as I want it to.

So, what’s been going on with all the sudden silence and laziness? Not much really. I think I finished TCG but I’m too busy and, frankly, a bit concerned about its released… I should’ve made it a small light novel with imagery and an arrange album. Oh, well. It’ll be out but it has no loli and cutesy value. Sorry. Way too much “Man on the Silver Mountain” and “Holy Diver” for that to happen.

What is of a random digital log entry without a silly picture about food? Well, this isn’t any food. It’s a cannon pastry, a massive cannon covered in chocolate and dulce de leche. Yes, it looks like shit but don’t judge by the appearance. After all, Lucky Star surely made these even more popular. But they don’t have dulce de leche! Take that. And the small black things are chocolate mices, also full of dulce de leche. Yay for that thing.

With you, the magical cannon of chocolate and might:


And, to close this horrible attempt at a post and update, some random Darius stuff. Because Darius rocked. Because there is not enough surreal mecha-fishes anymore. Because shooters were all pew pew and heavy metal. Yeah, long live the cock rock of DoDonPachi, dammit. All that mind numbing techno punchi-punchi got to my nerves…

Fire Fossil

Rawr, fear the mighty Fire Fossil. A HUGE BATTLESHIP IS APPROACHING FAST!

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