Aimo, Aimo…

… Neder Luche
Noyna millia
Endel prodea


Oh, good god and all the divinities what the hell is wrong with me. It’s either this mess of the swine flu or a recent ‘feeling attack’ but, against my recent moods and principles, I caved and ended up watching Macross Frontier, knowing the pop-songs, lolifest and common places I was going to see.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the show it’s at least passable and the music is somewhat tolerable. There is a lot of cringe-inducing pop and some downright embarrassing songs. In fact, I have to admit some of the stuff is so painstakingly sugary that I spent half of the episodes blushing due to embarrassment, I mean, how can it be THAT sugary???? So, yeah, the music is good when it goes orchestral (here and there sadly) although not that great as Yoko Kanno is a recipe for common places and the lyrics I’m quoting, from the song Aimo, are just your average lullaby with harp+piano+”soaring female vocals” and whatnot. Oh, include the “gibberish alien language” ala Enya, Panzer Dragoon Orta (Anu Orta Veniya) and a long etcetera.

We have a massive amount of real languages but the imagination pushes us to create new words, crazy neologisms, verbal constructions, the clever uses of the old “lunfardo” or insults!

I’m up to episode #12. So far, I am glad that Ranka didn’t end up as Minmey… YET. Lucky her. We’ll see what happens next but I’m fearing I’ll be extremely disappointed towards the end. Most endings disappoint me.

But this series got me thinking about parallelisms, the situation of Sheryl as an established  star and Ranka becoming one, with all the annoyances, problems and tasks demanded.

“How the flower shines with beauty, blossoms in peace… and quickly dies in the middle of the snowstorm.”

It makes me feel sad. That’s how things tend to end. Maximum ubiquity, eyes that see it all, all the time and everywhere. The souls never rest. And whenever I hear one of those lullabies with the soaring females vocals, the omnipresent orchestral harp and the piano, let it be Aimo or Der Mond Das Meer (from the Visual Novel Ever17), or freaking The Queen of the City of Ice (from Shadow Gallery’s debut album) these songs always get me, dammit. They always achieve their objective of putting me in Thinking Mode (c) and, ultimately, bring in the sadness. Remnants of the mother that sung us lullabies. Aimo is especially pretty as the sound quality is incredibly good and the singer is equally great. It traverses across languages. Hell yes, DECULCHA.

We can be all macho and tough Terminator-like but this shit always gets me, jeez. Even Rambo cries.

The heart might be a cage, the heart might be an ice prison but there is always warm in there.

Fear can be the mind killer but, hell, if lullabies don’t achieve a similar effect!

Oh, well, time to rest now. Finally I’ve written something long that isn’t a rant. Miracles happen. And in english, wow. That’s two enemy cruisers down in a single missile barrage.

So, back to the crypt in order to get some rest… so tired. Oh, yeah, bet you were expecting some plot analysis and resume of the series or a massive repetition of the tags and phrases ad nauseam. No, sorry. Just music and a random thought after watching several episodes.

Aimo, Aimo
Neder Luche
Noyna millia
Endel prodea


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