Enough said. It won’t get any better. When in doubt, fire more missiles. More. MORE! Sensory overload.

This is what anime should’ve been and/or stayed instead of the constant pussyfication of today. Enough with the schoolgirls and high pitched annoyances. Welcome to Rambo, Predator, Alien, Die Hard, Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris, X-Files, a massive and colourful set of ridiculous and over the top options. But, back to the mechanical stuff: non stop mechs beating the shit out of each other with machine guns and missiles. That’s the business right there and Ichiro Itano saw it! Ratatatatatata non stop. Glorious and impossible acrobatics. Missile trails soaring in the sky. Pew pew, missiles all over the place. Then came Gundam with the swords and cheapness. What is this crap of using swords and just entering melee as if they were some overweighted gladiators of a crappy movie.

Jeez, just look at Macross Do You Remember Love or Quo Vadis II. I’m tempted to get that game for its animated sequences alone. It’s like “a box falls”, said box opens… BLAM. 950.000 missiles away! Plus the ship designs are great. Reminded me of Armored Fucking Warriors (it’s called Armored Warriors by the way, in case it wasn’t clear enough) and Cybattler.

And Macross Frontier needed less of ~Nyan ~Nyan and more of this, dammit:


It’s what the entire series should’ve been about instead of “let’s bang some generic Mushihimesama bugs and call it a day”. Bring back Omega Boost too. Polyphony Digital might deny its existence now but I REMEMBER AND I HAVE A COPY OF THE GAME. Full, original NTSC-J with Shade by Feeder as the hilariously silly OP tune

Argh. Getting old and grouchy here… Spirits cry in the infernal desert.

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Writer, editorial consultant and multi-everything of doujin production circle Primum Soft.
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