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Minimal update structure field release

Minor update “Signs of Life” released: Sí, sigo por aquí. Simplemente no tenía demasiado para decir, todo muy tranca y demás pero pronto se va a empezar a mover la rueda una vez más pues la Puerta Circular es infinita. … Seguir leyendo

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wwwww! Forgot to make an update about this. We just got the copies of the Aki Sisters Anthology Project and… and it’s freaking ace! Thanks, thanks a lot to Nakasako for sending this! (and via EMS, which is insane for … Seguir leyendo

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【こえんちゅ】 Towards C77

Well, well, circle Zero Zigen did it again. After a successful introduction during the independent game developers expo at Akihabara last week, the circle managed to get into the upcoming Comiket 77… more like Touhouket if most circles keep doing … Seguir leyendo

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