STG Mania?

Silly title. Just a random update to imply I have no other “high tech” improvement around. Nor I feel like adding it anyway. Even ZUN made a Twitter but I’m just too lazy all around to sit and make one.

However, I WILL update regarding the status of Koenchu in spanish since that will eventually go for sale, probably by Comiket 79 and I have to gather all the info sooner or later.

Anyway, what’s in the distant future? Not much really. Made up my mind and, unless I can cooperatively work with Zero Zigen on further Visual Novels, I’m not sure I’ll be making any myself anymore. People suck in the west, they no longer have the cold blood and patience to sit and read something non-otakuish or surreal.

Escape route? Maybe trying something simple in Game Maker, then moving to C++ and attempt a Touhou-like shooter until I grasp the concepts of shooting game making. But that’ll take time, other plans stand up in the future too…


Been playing Alltynex2nd trial and finally cleared GENETOS in Creator Difficulty using one credit.

Videos of the games:

I’ll put up at least one or two Shatter videos, just so everything isn’t about shooting games, heh.

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