Dear CAVE: Bring your games to PC, dammit!

And if even ZUN made a Twitter, I’m just going to freaking make one to get CAVE on PC. Screw the 360. Screw Microsoft. Screw consoles altogether, jeez. PC dinosaur from a lost planet. Unemployed PC dinosaur from a lost planet. Ban the 360, no seriously, ban Microsoft and its damn console for not releasing it officially where I live. F”·$%”%. I’m going all Parsee here.

I broke my self-promise of not posting anything during August but this entire month has been simply, and clearly, one of the WORST (in caps) months of my life. It all went downhill from here.

·%·$%&·$&. I will save all the cursing, hell, not even posting in spanish ‘cause I don’t feel like it. Gotta practice my handwriting… Do you people remember what was to use a pen or the typewriter? I do. In fact, I’m going to buy an ink-based old pen and an ancient typewriter. Going all vintage, only techy device will be the portable CD player (remember those? Yeah, I still have one).

Blah, blah, blah.

Como que me llamo XXXXXX que voy a hacer que CAVE publique para PC. Incluso si tengo que hacerlo yo mismo y armar una empresa lrpm.

Oh, broke my promise of non-spanish as well. Whatever.

That’s it. Gonna create a Twitter thing. At least that way I can track Masashirow & co.

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Writer, editorial consultant and multi-everything of doujin production circle Primum Soft.
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