Digitally dead (kind of), very much alive otherwise

Jobs are the bane of any blogging attempt. Without mentioning the fact that blogging itself is becoming more and more scarce as we shift away to the instantaneous advantage of tweets and text messages and such nonsense.

I’m guilty for using Twitter, no denying. But writing a coherent entry is no longer easy. We are always in a hurry, we are always heading towards something. The problem is that the certain something is a friggin’ precipice!

Anyway, I’ve began learning japanese, something mentioned before if I’m not wrong. And, well, life goes on, an album project is in the works and might see the light one day… I am slowly starting to write again, this time as a technical writer but soon I’ll be getting back to my passion of fiction writing. Even if I have to use a damn typewriter in order to be able to concentrate instead of wasting time in the interwebz.

So that’s it. After, what, 7 months of silence here I am. Things looking far better than they did back in february.

End of the message.

Acerca de alphaprospector

Writer, editorial consultant and multi-everything of doujin production circle Primum Soft.
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