The sounds of Yume no Sono/夢の園

Hey there everyone, this is AlphaProspector presenting an article I’ve been meaning to write for months but I never had the time to flesh out in full. However, it is now a good opportunity to get the gears moving so I’ll obviously push things forward and post this.

Sound design is key for us. With an audiophile artist, a professional musician and a depressed writer in need of music and sound to fuel writing who works as an audio and TV editor, this was bound to happen.

Hopefully, all our projects will have a distinctive sound design and musical identity because sometimes (or more often than not!) half the fun relies on the audio experience that accompanies the other key components.

Enough with the strange and needlessly inaccessible words, let’s go into the details.

At long last we’ll provide some full samples of the diverse music and ambience of Yume no Sono, a small glimpse into these strange worlds.

There already exists a trailer for the prologue, which can be viewed here:

You’ve probably also already heard bits of ONEIROSCOPY ~Sumaq Musquy~ (the official OP song of Yume no Sono, featured in its teaser trailer):

And of 夢園 (Muen) featured in the character promotional video, both performed by our comrades of circle harmonicblend, which we hope to keep working with in future projects!

Now, let’s get into the tunes that will be echoing through the tale as the adventures of Iris and Reika unfold. The visual novel picks up in part from the moody origins of the prologue but soon begins building its own epic through songs like 夢の園よこそ!(translated as «Welcome to the Garden of Dreams»), which is indeed a welcome, arms wide open to everyone.

It’s complemented by the small introduction viewed in the character promotional video, 声の音 (Sound of the voice), which is a small ambient droning meant to accompany the «Voice of the Garden», a representation of a sentient Sumaq Urqu bidding welcome to the dreams.

As the prologue video shows, however, the ambiences shift, change and so we get melodic and more intricate synth passages, courtesy of Arcande Divine Piano (A.D.P.), where you can hear the Iridescent Flow as the Electric Girl desperately tries to find the Majestic Clock Tower.

Things can also nightmarish as we experiment with voicework(thanks a lot for the great work of Ice Queen in this tune!) as reflected in the ominous and tense ambiences of Full Shift, one of the less happier tunes of the bunch and part of the more abstract soundscapes that pervade dream sequences, portraying that things do go wrong when the madness is too strong and begans corroding worlds until it completly changes them.

There also ambiences meant to fool into tranquility, a Peaceful Respite of sorts, perhaps even causing a state of drowsiness but then, with the use of low pulsating frequencies akin to binaural beats, things can get… stranger, especially when you are witnessing a Melting World.

All in all, backgrounds, character and CG art, sound effects, music, we are aiming for all these elements to help us weave a very compelling, unique, different setup. It’s definitely not an easy task. We have a smaller project lined up, which has already been soft announced and talk about a bit (it’s called Hoshi Agari) and it’s interesting to notice the sound and musical design there is quite different. You’ll see (or, well, listen!) soon enough!

Yume no Sono is currently submitted on Steam Greenlight and awaiting approval, so you can visit this link to vote for the game. Every bit counts, it all helps on our way to finish and put our projects on sale at long last so on behalf of everyone who has and is working on this and our future projects, thank you very much in advance!


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