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CRIMZON CLOVER!!!!!!!! Manlymechamissilebarrage at its finest. The rest of the info is on the video. Para la gilada que se cree que es fácil, el desafío es llegar a la tercera fase sin que te rompan el tuje en el … Seguir leyendo

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Enough said. It won’t get any better. When in doubt, fire more missiles. More. MORE! Sensory overload. This is what anime should’ve been and/or stayed instead of the constant pussyfication of today. Enough with the schoolgirls and high pitched annoyances. … Seguir leyendo

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Aimo, Aimo…

… Neder Luche Noyna millia Endel prodea Photomy… Oh, good god and all the divinities what the hell is wrong with me. It’s either this mess of the swine flu or a recent ‘feeling attack’ but, against my recent moods … Seguir leyendo

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