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CRIMZON CLOVER!!!!!!!! Manlymechamissilebarrage at its finest. The rest of the info is on the video. Para la gilada que se cree que es fácil, el desafío es llegar a la tercera fase sin que te rompan el tuje en el … Seguir leyendo

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Rise, rise!

Good lord, the net has been horribly slow nowadays. Not just here, at work too. FREAKING EVERYWHERE. So here I am, another random update. New banner from Nakasako. Getting there! A.D.P. finished his piano arrange (and god it costed one … Seguir leyendo

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Diadra Empty Review

So, it finally arrived from the mail two weeks ago and I’ve been consistently playing it. First of all, don’t look for scores here. Ok, ok. If you want one, just read it up here instead of scrolling down: this … Seguir leyendo

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Jets ‘N’ Guns Gold

Macho, macho, macho man, I wanna be, a macho man! Yeah, that pretty much sums up this game. It’s a horizontal shooter that ‘suffers’ the infamous ‘euroshmup’ syndrome. You might wonder what the hell is an ‘euroshmup’, right? Well, I’ll … Seguir leyendo

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