Patreon opened!

Greetings everyone, this is AlphaProspector writing.

We launched our Patreon page during June so I think it’s time to write a bit about it. First things first, you can click on the banner below to access/visit the Patreon page:

Patreon wordmark (navy)

Or click here as well:

The goal we have with Patreon is to help us developing things without the pressure of commissions and side works, as well as to shield ourselves from the increasingly pressing economic situation and problemas that are affecting the countries we live in and that are starting to put a dent in our progress.

We’ll keep character and progress updates (including music and other elements) lined up there for those interested in accompanying us through this journey. The site will of course also continue to be updated when major updates happen but, with your support, we also want to build a stronger community this way.

Please look forward for future updates and we hope to see you guys around. Thanks everyone for your support!

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Writer, editorial consultant and multi-everything of doujin production circle Primum Soft.
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