Winter Comic Market 93 Report (C93)

Hello everyone, this is AlphaProspector from Japan!

Well, that took long enough but here it is! This is a brief report of our experience as a first time circle at Winter Comic Market 93, Comiket 93 for short.

Since there are strict rules in regards of what can be publicly shown of the event, we’ll only show our booth and a few external details that portray the sheer amount people that band together during these insane three days across the enormous Tokyo Big Sight complex.

Primum Soft was present on Day One, in East Hall 3 along music composers and other doujin soft developers. It was great to meet a lot of talented people all around us!

Here is a small chronicle in photos of that day, starting with a very cold morning and seeing an already immense line of people crowding the Tokyo Big Sight access park:

P_20171229_073624The photo doesn’t make it justice. Nothing makes justice to the way Japan does crowds.
P_20171229_074155_1Ironic how the rising sun was literally coming out of the whole complex. Very interesting effect and definitely fitting.

Luckily for us that area was full of circle participants preparing themselves to enter their respective halls so it was a matter of braving the cold for a short while before venturing in to get our tickets cut for that coveted early access.

We quickly met up with everyone else and headed to our hall to setup our booths:

P_20171229_083141The rush to get everything up before the big opening was real.

It was our first time in this kind of events so it took us a bit to put everything ready and even then a few changes happened in the middle. We brought several character goods as well as two software products (one actually being a bundle that included a full soundtrack, the other a trial version also containing an omake soundtrack sampler, I hope that makes people pop the disc in to listen to some tunes) and a very small fan book called 美しい花の楽園, or the Paradise of Beautiful Flowers, featuring a few guest artists and work from our main artist, Bonkiru.

P_20171229_085726The girls were of course curiously and happily monitoring our progress as we set it all up.
P_20171229_083559Yumekatari, the Yume no Sono and Hoshi Agari image album and vocal CD was also put for sale during this Comic Market on Circle A.R.M.’s booth!

Eventually we set up both of the PVs of the projects for everyone’s viewing and listening:

P_20171229_100218The fully set up booth with the PVs running!

Hours went by, we met several doujin developers (including Fenrir from Kuro Irodoru Yomiji, Hizume from Atelier 773 -Nanami- circle, Yoko from circle RebRank and many other contacts! Friends passed by, new people tagged along. Certainly they were some nicely action-packed hours.

P_20171229_110945Go support Ne No Kami and every other doujin dev!

We were even interviewed for IGN Japan! You can read the article here:

By the end of the event everyone could barely move and, of course, then came the time to return back home/to the hotel in my case and, well, that took a long while.

P_20171229_161930_1So long and hope to see you soon again!

Both Bonkiru and A.D.P. (Arcane Divine Piano) weren’t able to attent the event but they were present in spirit, both through their respective arts placed in the front, as music and characters and graphics, weaved through tales.

Of course this would’ve not been possible without the aid of so many people but here goes a big thanks for ell-san (circle A.R.M. -A Reyvateil Melody-), Vanui-san, Raide and Tom, as well for their awesomeness and help during this massive event!

On behalf of everyone at Primum Soft we deeply thank EVERYONE who visited us at our booth, this is our thank you for you and we hope to see you around again next time we take part of Comiket!

Thank you! / どうもありがとうございます!

ftest670BArt by: ぼんきる (Bonkiru)

Once again, thanks to everyone and for those who purchased Hoshi Agari, please keep the game box because we’ll be using that to provide you a Steam key of the game once it releases there. The Japanese translation will be patched in as soon as it’s finished and tested. More news in that regard as we progress with it, for now please hold on tight to it and enjoy the full soundtrack that was bundled with the release!

P.S.: Those interested in character goods residing in the US will be able to get some of the character goods thanks to Sekai Project so visit them at their booths!

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