«The lights are alive»

Confusion reigns. The homeworld is in danger: a strange enemy lurks in the high orbit, ready for the final surface bombardment. The Seeker fleets are long gone and hope is diminishing quite fast. Cornered, unable to escape from their planet, the Seekers wait for the end. However, one individual, one single creature amongst them, decides to try and do something to stop this madness and possibly prevent a terrible genocide.

«He who holds the truth»

Using a massive reality-altering device called the Multi-Dimensional Transference Engine (M.D.T. Engine), The Undefined will embark on a completely odd and lonely journey across realities for answers.

Will he dare to tread across these perilous ways, come out victorious and get the desired answers?

«Strong will for those who dream»

Step inside the Circular Gate, uncover the truth through examining the mysteries of an infinite existence!