Heading towards Comic Market 93/冬コミに行く!


Circle Primum Soft has been selected to participate in the upcoming Winter Comic Market 93!!!

Held at the tremendously spacey Tokyo Big Sight, Comic Market (Comiket for short) is one of the biggest and most relevant market events in the world. Comiket mixes companies and independent developers, small and big artists, fans, cosplayers and creators of all kinds alike. It’s an honor to be participating in such a massive meeting point.

For those interested in greeting/meeting us and get some exclusive and incredibly limited goodies of our projects, we’ll be present on Friday 29th (Day 1) at East Hall, Block A, booth 39a (location in Japanese for the Catalog search: 金曜日 東地区ブロック39a).

We are also participating as a joint booth with circle A.R.M. (A Reyvateil’s Melody, an Ar Tonelico oriented doujin circle that also hosts our buddies from harmonicblend, who we have also worked a lot with… Did we mention we also love Gust and their music?)

See you there!

(And if anyone is interested in acquiring some of the items we’ll put up for sale, we ask you some patience as we may only be able to ship some from Japan after Comiket, but we’ll need to verify stock and such.)

So, what does this mean for us right now?

For the next few weeks we’ll be franctically focusing on completing belated, long-overdue pending circle work to fulfill all the requirements and mandatory items that we registered to sell at Comiket. The race begins! The printing, production/manufacturing and shipping deadlines for said items are extremely strict so we are being very careful in this regard as we dialogue with our Japanese contact. Updates will be done to the Web catalog page as we conclude the cover art of said items and prepare the additional character goods.

Indeed, the next weeks are going to be hectic for us all as we finish fine-tuning things. A true test to our might! This also goes in line to complete the goals we set for our publisher, who has been also standing up for us through the development process.

However, reflecting a bit, this year has been a gigantic thorny road with a lot of troublesome personal situations pervading our lives. Of course, we are still fighting to overcome all these complications!

This affects us all in the circle since as we have stressing day jobs that devour our attentions and souls but it has also greatly affected Bonkiru, our resident artist extraordinaire, who is going through a lot of personal hurdles and issues.

Due to an unforeseen event that exceeded all our planned budgets and capacity, he has taken on several emergency commissions but, due to their very nature as an emergency, this almost usually means an artist takes in a very small time frame far more than what they usually handle in order to cover up medical costs. Medical costs are not cheap, not in the countries we come from, and considering we live under very pressured and devalued currencies the situation gets even more delicate.

He added a lot of materials that also need finishing for different parties but of course this distorted the main circle schedule greatly. However, in light of the key importance of Comiket for us as a group, the financial risks we’ve taken, including all the extra investments in the production of goods, we’ll all try to make haste and get the key elements ready.

All work will be finished, it may just take a little longer but it’ll be cleared.


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Big Banner




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Hoshi Agari minisite up!

Update time! Still Saturday here by a few minutes and, moreover, it’s been less than a month.

The minisite for Hoshi Agari has finally been uploaded with some information and insight on the main characters and storyline.

It can be viewed from the bar above or by clicking here.

Hopefully we’ll be bringing more updates soon as we continue to wrap up and finish elements!

P.S.: Here we have some little cute chibi Suyana, Aki and Lidia, the three main characters of this project!


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Comic Market 93 (Winter Edition) Registration


Registration to Winter Comic Market has been completed as a joint venture with circle A.R.M. (A Reyvateil’s Melody, who specializes on Gust’s Ar Tonelico series doujin materials and arranged music). Big thanks to ell-san for lending us a hand with this and his awesome disposition to sort everything out!

Comiket registration is an arduous and rather complex process but, well, there we present you our circle cut panel. We hope to bring a lot of things!

Meanwhile, we’ll continue development of our projects as fast as we can!

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Hoshi Agary Soundtrack Medley 2+dev updates

It’s been little over a month so it’s time to drop another update. Apologies for the silence but both my (deteriorated) health and mood have been in shambles recently. Not the ideal state of mind to write any news, let alone to theorize about life and dreams.

Thankfully things are MUCH better on that front now and I’m being extra careful.

Without further ado, let’s get to the updates!

Arcane Divine Piano (also facing similar health issues by the way) still managed to crank a few more instrumental tunes in this time, and here we present you a brief medley of some of them. It was hard to pick up as, personally, I really like all the songs!

The tracklist is as follows:

a) Scholar of Misfortune
b) Illustrious Breathing Nebulae
c) Trance Shift
d) 影の踊り (Shadowdance)

In other news, production of the CGs and other key materials (like this lovely updated Hoshi Agari banner you can see in this very entry, just notice all the neat new details!) has finally begun. We’ll see how this hopefully goes as it’s been also facing some troubles. Soon I may show a sneak peek of that.

Script polishing is also in process but instead of coming down, word count is going up. We’ll see how that goes as I’ve been removing some filler or simply changing a few parts that didn’t flow as nicely as I hoped.

Backgrounds are basically almost done, only a few remain but the bulk of them is looking fantastic and will help set the tone for Hoshi Agari. From here it’ll be building the tone for Yume no Sono, I can’t wait for that!

Oh, an engine update is also coming very soon which will allow implementation of a LOT of fancy effects as well. This could potentialy delay things but it may be for the best as we try to deliver the best products we can. Steam implementation may also prove troublesome but I’m trying to already jump that obstacle by contacting people who have already worked on it to speed things up.

Well, that’s it for now. I may try another update soon. (Easier said than done so trying not to overpromise there.)

Back to the dev-cave!

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Hoshi Agari OST Medley!

It’s been a while but here, we go with a small but melodic update!

Arcande Divine Piano, aka, A.D.P. has been hard at work preparing the instrumental songs for the Hoshi Agari Soundtrack. Here is a small medley that includes three songs in the following order:

a) 永遠 (Eternity), instrumental OP theme for Hoshi Agari.

b) Smooth Swing 

c) Anomalous Crystalline Dream

We hope you’ll enjoy these tunes and of course the rest of the soundtrack! Coming up next will be some teaser samples of the vocals songs written exclusively for Hoshi Agari by doujin circle harmonicblend!!! Stay tuned!

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Yume no Sono has been Greenlit!


Words fail me to express the relief that image means after almost a month in the limbo that Steam Greenlight is! Of course, a lot of people may have no idea since the site was abandoned for a couple of years before been taking back to life but in the middle I worked in localization of Japanese doujin games and our release line was caught in the middle of the implementation of Steam Greenlight. We were there, we saw first hand what happened. It wasn’t pretty!

Anyway, considering the rather vacuous and strange future ahead, better to make do with the devil we know. Without further ado!


Yume no Sono has been Greenlit!!!!!!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!

Hopefully that means everything will be smooth for our titular cuties Iris and Reika, the dream explorers, once we prepare for release. Huge thanks to bonkiru for this cute piece made for everyone. We face so many hardships daily so I hope that eventually we can stand our ground.

On behalf of us, the souls of Primum Soft, we thank again everyone (and you!) for your support in this process and we look forward to see you all on release! (And on the release of our future projects too.)


P.S.: If you have Twitter, you can follow us at @AlphaProspector and @bonkiru (A.D.P. can be reached through his website)

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