Hoshi Agary Soundtrack Medley 2+dev updates

It’s been little over a month so it’s time to drop another update. Apologies for the silence but both my (deteriorated) health and mood have been in shambles recently. Not the ideal state of mind to write any news, let alone to theorize about life and dreams.

Thankfully things are MUCH better on that front now and I’m being extra careful.

Without further ado, let’s get to the updates!

Arcane Divine Piano (also facing similar health issues by the way) still managed to crank a few more instrumental tunes in this time, and here we present you a brief medley of some of them. It was hard to pick up as, personally, I really like all the songs!

The tracklist is as follows:

a) Scholar of Misfortune
b) Illustrious Breathing Nebulae
c) Trance Shift
d) 影の踊り (Shadowdance)

In other news, production of the CGs and other key materials (like this lovely updated Hoshi Agari banner you can see in this very entry, just notice all the neat new details!) has finally begun. We’ll see how this hopefully goes as it’s been also facing some troubles. Soon I may show a sneak peek of that.

Script polishing is also in process but instead of coming down, word count is going up. We’ll see how that goes as I’ve been removing some filler or simply changing a few parts that didn’t flow as nicely as I hoped.

Backgrounds are basically almost done, only a few remain but the bulk of them is looking fantastic and will help set the tone for Hoshi Agari. From here it’ll be building the tone for Yume no Sono, I can’t wait for that!

Oh, an engine update is also coming very soon which will allow implementation of a LOT of fancy effects as well. This could potentialy delay things but it may be for the best as we try to deliver the best products we can. Steam implementation may also prove troublesome but I’m trying to already jump that obstacle by contacting people who have already worked on it to speed things up.

Well, that’s it for now. I may try another update soon. (Easier said than done so trying not to overpromise there.)

Back to the dev-cave!

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