«For that ancient dream of blue…»

The Seekers

They are an ancient race of space observers who developed incredible senses and excellent vision. In fact, the Seekers possess absolute eyes. Nothing in the regular, physical reality can escape their gaze. However, being able to see a lot does not make them invincible: their planet, satellites and colonies have been under attack since they first encountered a small attack ship (codenamed «candle ship») that belonged to an odd group of hostile alien lifeforms defined as «The Ara». Slowly but surely, they began losing against unstoppable waves of space war machines. At the edge of absolute destruction, one of their last hopes lies at the core of their collective knowledge, a galaxy-sized computer system and its added modules, including an experimental device capable of transferring a soul across dimensions as long as the user can remain connected to it: the Multi-Dimensional Transfer Engine. The Seekers have always been looking for keys that could explain their existence. Could this strange digital conception be able to tear across the very veils of reality and direct them to the path of salvation?

The Undefined

The reader takes the role of The Undefined.

Who is him? He is a Seeker, and the only one who will venture behind the enemy lines. Through the use of the M.D.T. Engine and some basic guidelines from the Ubiquitous Collective Archives, he’ll try to reveal the truth behind these attacks and the mysterious circular machinery between realities. His motivations are unknown to everyone. Maybe he wants to explore different layers of the existence or contact the enemy to ask them why they are causing so much destruction… Uncertainty fills everyone’s hearts.

The Ara

The foes in the background, the enemies you never see, the impending doom, the veiled threat. Their motivations are unknown to the Seekers. Some think that the Ara suffer a horrible equivalent of jealousy, but exaggerated to indescribable proportions. Others consider that they want to prevent the Seekers from discovering something dangerous. The truth remains hidden.

All their fleets are directed by an enormous mothership that carries what seems to be a massive Mastermind codenamed «The Rebellious Red-Eyed Visionary». One of their trademark units is the candle ship. A thin white metal needle-type spaceship capable of releasing waves of guided laser and conventional missiles. But there are also strange ships like the rotofrigates. These are multi-beam platforms with a mobile armor set to constant rotation in order to have full coverage of the battleground as well as a strong defense, rendering them able to attack any target in range. They also use complex swarms of attack drones and other strike crafts. Their firepower is a sight to behold and their lack of communications with the Seekers turned them into silent and remorseless enemies.

Ubiquitous Collective Archives

The collective knowledge of the Seekers. It’s a galaxy-sized network that connects each one of the Seekers to conform a single, self-conscious entity. It still allows everyone to retain its individuality. The Archives can also record and analyse everything the Seekers experience/witness to provide all sorts of strategic information at will.

The Archives fuse all the personalities in one. It might consider itself as group or an individual, then a complete network or a series of instructions and logical assumptions. It speaks in plural and singular, it does not recognise a proper tense for its verbs. It could be referring to the past, present or future all at once, hence why only the most adept can properly interpret what the Archives say or offer a decoded version to the others when needed. And despite all these details, it exudes emotions, personal thoughts and such.

In short, they are far from the average storage depot for records and history. The Archives also contain a strategy inspector, which is a unit designed for tactical decisions and threat-analysis. There are other subsystems only the eldest know about, including what appears to be a hidden code capable of reconfiguring the Archives into an entity similar to the Ara Mastermind and a special communications engine built for unknown contacts.

The Circular Gate



Existence is the playground of many creatures. The Undefined won’t be completely alone in this journey.