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«See beyond the mechanisms of the system…»


Update History:

27/08/09: Site updated. All-in-one (Mac/Linux/Windows) installer released.
25/08/09: Site updated. Ver. 1.00e released. OST released.  Download here.
24/08/09: Site updated. New banner up. Incoming final release.
12/05/09: Updated front page of the site. Corrected the VN info.
24/03/09: Updated site. Demo versions 0.90e/s released. Download here.
26/12/08: Edited more typos, added some extra info.
18/12/08: Added promotional poster. Changed log banner.
14/12/08: Site updated. Horrid typos fixed.
28/10/08: Site uploaded. Version 0.60b will be skipped almost completely for a later, full release.
27/10/08: Site design initiated. Version 0.60b halted indefinitely.

Visual Novel Information:

<> Over 60 CGs: you not only read The Circular Gate, you experience it.

<> Fully customised interface (except the pad config, deal with it).

<> 10 chapters of surreal weirdness.

<> Original soundtrack with almost two hours of strange music.

Genre: Fantasy Sci-Fi (personally labelled as Spiritual-Surreal Sci-Fi)

Rating: T (Teen, but only because of the high level of weirdness)

Minimum System Specs:

CPU:Pentium4 2.0Ghz+
RAM:512MB (1GB or more recommended)
Video card:32MB Direct3D Compatible Card (GeForce or ATi cards will do, might work with other cards and you don’t need one per se but better safe than sorry)
Screen Resolution: 800×600 (please, make sure you set the proper option of your video card in case you have a widescreen display)
Gamepad supported and heavily recommended.


<> Programming, art, script/story, graphics/interface, sound effects, voices, music: M.G.P./AlphaProspector (Primum Mobile)

<> Other sound effects: http://www.soundsnap.com

<> Additional Music: Nicol Armarfi (and mega big thanks for it!)

<> Ren’Py Logo: taken from Ren’Py Official Site

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