About Primum Soft:

Primum Soft is an independent (or doujin if you may) circle set to create engaging works through different and multiple artistic mediums but, mostly through game development, art in general, writing, music and more. We have multiple projects in the works and our goal as an established team is to storm the world and become force to be reckoned with!


AlphaProspector (M.G.P.)


Bio: I’m a professional multimedia editor (with knowledge of both video/TV and sound editing) and also a writer for way over a decade.

I have ample experience in game localization (mostly with Nyu Media) and I contributed to the release of a lot of key, legendary Japanese doujin games for the western market, including the renowned Alltynex Trilogy by Siter Skain. I also compose ambience music with the goal of generating certain moods and ambiences. Currently our works are going to be published by Sekai Project, a world’s renowned publisher of visual novels so we expect to keep expanding our professional experience with them.

Oh, last but not least I enjoy all things cute, shmups, heavy metal and giant robots.




Bio: I am an artist who draws to make people happy with my works. Of course, you can also make me happy with your appreciation so that way we can both be happy! My interests vary greatly but I am a simple man, I see boobs and I press «Like».

I’ve done plenty of materials, mainly for visual novels and I’m currently perfecting my works to improve my skills even further. Oh, I’m an irredeemable sound enthusiast. Music is what fuels my pen and a world without music isn’t a happy world at all.

Oh, don’t forget to check my profiles if you are interested in commissioning me! (Commissions can be open in between big chunks of work.)




A.D.P. (Arcane Divine Piano)


Bio: A professional musician extraordinare with a vast knowledge of music with a vast CV.

For more information visit his website: http://arcanedivinepiano.wordpress.com