Yume no Sono – Zensoukyoku

Title-Yume No Sono Zensoukyoku-FINAL


Yume no Sono ~Zensoukyoku~ (or Garden of Dreams ~Prologue~) is a concept album that tells the prologue to the visual novel Yume No Sono – Song of the red-bellied thrush echoing in the night.

As the title says, it is a multimedia prequel (in the form of an album and a book) that details the first encounter between the two main characters of Yume no Sono and a how they meet a very peculiar host that will guide them through the ever-changing streets of architectural marvel displayed withing Sumaq Urqu, a mysterious place made with the material of legends and often called «the city of the lost ones».

Many secrets have been buried deep within this city but the road leading to Sumaq Urqu isn’t one that can be traversed alone.

Crossfade Promotional Video

General information

Number of tracks: 17

Estimated length: 35 minutes

Estimated book length: 36 pages


Album cover artwork by: あさひろ

Music and writing, mixing and mastering: AlphaProspector (M.G.P./Primumsoft)

Background art: AlphaProspector

Additional Background Art: Luna Chai

Promotional video editing: accha

Book illustrations: Bonkiru

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