Yume no Sono has been Greenlit!


Words fail me to express the relief that image means after almost a month in the limbo that Steam Greenlight is! Of course, a lot of people may have no idea since the site was abandoned for a couple of years before been taking back to life but in the middle I worked in localization of Japanese doujin games and our release line was caught in the middle of the implementation of Steam Greenlight. We were there, we saw first hand what happened. It wasn’t pretty!

Anyway, considering the rather vacuous and strange future ahead, better to make do with the devil we know. Without further ado!


Yume no Sono has been Greenlit!!!!!!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!

Hopefully that means everything will be smooth for our titular cuties Iris and Reika, the dream explorers, once we prepare for release. Huge thanks to bonkiru for this cute piece made for everyone. We face so many hardships daily so I hope that eventually we can stand our ground.

On behalf of us, the souls of Primum Soft, we thank again everyone (and you!) for your support in this process and we look forward to see you all on release! (And on the release of our future projects too.)


P.S.: If you have Twitter, you can follow us at @AlphaProspector and @bonkiru (A.D.P. can be reached through his website)

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Writer, editorial consultant and multi-everything of doujin production circle Primum Soft.
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