Having returned from a rather lengthy trip to Japan, I’m finally back on track! Still in jet-lagged state and counting the coins to make meets end but alive and well and (thankfully) outside of an awful indigestion I didn’t get sick, which is a plus considering how many people were sick and coughing everywhere.

Going straight into more pressing matters, I just pushed the initial version of the page for Yume No Sono ~Zensoukyoku~ album+book. Most of the basic information is there but since I’m in talks to actually get a retail version of this for Summer Comiket, I will probably put up some pictures of that version and of course of a couple of the book illustrations, which are going to be carried by Bonkiru-san, the main character artist extraordinarie of Yume No Sono.

The page can be viewed following this link.

But I will link the video to the crossfade promotion here as well:

Please bear in mind it’s a very atmospheric album without any vocals (by a singer I mean, there are some synth voices) but reflects some of the moods, feelings and soundscapes I am trying to transmit through Yume No Sono project.

Not much else to say, I’m cooking other stuff in the background as well, this is the year of the monkey and he’s carrying money, hopefully a reminder of great things to come.

Everyone have a very nice and productive year too!

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