February update

The month is going by, 2016 has kicked into full throttle and progress is still being made in the background.

A lot of disappointments and problems and just stress piled up on stress took a toll on me but, well, 仕方がない…

I’ve been testing a lot of things for Yume No Sono, from the newly arrived background graphics to the sprite sizes, resolutions, as well as music and sound effects implementations. Here is a sample screenshot, watermarked just in case, of the general look without the GUI (which is one of the elements I’m still working on).test5

Character art is pretty as hell, right? I love it.

A lot of materials still need to be worked on and I’m also polishing up the script deeply (and even then I will most certainly try to get an editor to further polish things up) as I organize the different scenes and keep on writing. Not going to speak of word counts and such but it’s going to be fairly lengthy on that front!

Most certainly during March I will finally put up a mini website with character data, world/setting and extra tidbits of info to transmit things properly while I write the script for a proper game trailer showcasing the entire main cast.

Anyway, that’s it for now! I’ll keep on moving on my own until I reach a good point where I can launch a campaign to finish things that otherwise are going to take me years. (More art, more BGs, more CGs, the melodic side of the OST and a lot of other things that the dire situation of my country and my own situation -I work full time and it’s still very complicated to deal with constant increases in everything, from life to transportation through the terror that is currency devaluing- are preventing me from materializing.)

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