Character PV released! New project also in the works

At last it is time to update this blog.

The character PV for Yume no Sono was released during Otakon 2016 during Sekai Project industry panel and was also displayed during Summer Comiket courtesy of circle A.R.M. (thank you SO MUCH, ell-san!)

Here is the video:

I hope you enjoy it, it’s the culmination of months of work and with that out I’m working hard to get the alpha demo out, which by the way will be both in English and Japanese.

A Spanish version may come later down the line but I’m still deciding what tone the translation should have.

Continuing with the updates, we are also working on a much smaller project that will be a spin off of Yume no Sono, set in the same main world and featuring a completely brand-new set of lovely characters. We are happy about it so I’m hoping you’ll all enjoy it too once it’s really announced.

There will be cute fairies of course.

The idea for this project is to be released quite soon, perhaps by the opening of 2017 to help us sustain the much heavier load of YnS, hence the focused scope.

Well, back to my development cave!

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