Enter 2017

This is it. Welcome to a new year. I’m already exhausted. We are all exhausted really as I’m not the only one working non stop. The objective is to at least release the first arc of Yume no Sono (called Song of the Red-Bellied Thrush Echoing in the Night, it’s right there in the logo by the way) this year to live up to its 2017 premise, a year of change.

However, prior to that we would like to release a smaller project that could give us a much needed economic breather, that project being Hoshi Agari, for which we’ll provide more details hopefully very soon.

A lot has been going on the background but sadly not enough to be showing it around just yet. It’s a pain in the rear, yeah, but we want to provide the best we can. Easier said than done of course as we’re always facing hardships of all kinds.

Ours is not a life without worries. A lot happens and sometimes we cannot even help it.

About time we updated the front here too. Shame we couldn’t put any new year celebration or anything. Maybe something later. Right now we’re too busy working!

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Writer, editorial consultant and multi-everything of doujin production circle Primum Soft.
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