Progress Report (Project Hoshi Agari)

An entry before even a week went by!? Sure that’s an anomaly for us but putting some order and discipline will help easing and swifting the development process and because it’s about time we start writing development memories and ramping up the promotion of our work. We’ve been facing way too many hurdles and difficulties in recent months so that’s why it has been impossible to do nothing but a soft announcement for this one, despite being much shorter and less complex than Yume no Sono.

However, main and sub character cards may be ready soon for release, so we hope you can slowly get to know the main cast and some of the peculiar side characters that will accompany them in this little weird story.

The current status of Hoshi Agari script-wise is roughly 80% of scompletion. Two of the three main acts are finished with the last one half past done and the prologue-epilogue nearly out of draft. As I’m approaching the final wrap up, editing has already commenced. 10% of it has been revised. Later on we may have to request the aid of a second editor to polish up the text and dialogue a bit further.

Sprites of all the main and sub characters are complete. Only two minor things remain so that’s a 95-96% done on the sprite side. This is technically done really. Through this process we also got the logo done after a fortunate and fortuitous event so I couldn’t be happier.

This is where it gets ugly with roughly 20% of the required BGs finished. Not much we can do when in fact we’re using the services of two artists (for interior and exterior designs) and it takes time to get these done. Results of the already finished one are very nice though and it’s a refreshing feel to see such colorful and nice settings straying a bit from the norm. (And we’re straying from the norm when the main character isn’t a human but a cute little otherworldly being.)

And here it gets even uglier. 7.5% of them are done. It’s an uphill battle here since CGs are just as bad as BGs in terms of time required to produce them. To alleviate this we devised an interesting solution employed by anime as well but even with that it still takes a lot of time. We are hoping all the experience of this will help making the final production of Yume no Sono’s first arc much swifter. Unlike BGs, here it’s bonkiru on his own manning the main cannon and he’s only one. Ecce homo. (Personal addendum: I’m not comfortable with disparate CG style like I see in many VNs, maybe it’s some stupid autheur thing of mine but put too many hands on key areas and things get diluted… although in reality there is also the issue that bringing more people means spending even more and we haven’t precisely started selling anything either, things are already tight as is).

Lesson learned too. Less extravagant main character design to facilitate CG making…

GUI/Programming/Technical side:
A basic test GUI is in place. Not as pretty as a full one but until some BG and more CG art is done maybe it’s better if we don’t approach this just yet. Thus the initial release model is being done by yours truly at first but then we may bring in some further technical help to speed up the text addition process. You just don’t sit alone to fit 100,000 words… Alright, alright, you can actually do that. I did it before. Status is «help me, because I can’t hold all this text»%.

A.D.P. (aka, Arcane Divine Piano) has already created several test songs, from which we’ve already picked 4-5 that fit the mood of the game and he’ll start ramping up composition before the month ends. The planned soundtrack for Hoshi Agari contemplates at least one vocal OP (in which we will most certainly get in touch with the great Trass and his music circle harmonicblend) and between 12-14 songs. Most probably an hour of original tunes. We definitely hope you’ll enjoy these and plans for a proper OST release are in the process too. Thus, status is around 40-45% of completion.

I believe that the game development curve is weird like that, where you have the slow start, a bump of assets and then a defribilator no-pulse/waiting line until suddenly pulse goes up non stop towards release.

Alright, that’s enough deviation from writing and work there. Please stay tuned for more info later on!

AlphaProspector, over and out.

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