Update: Yume no Sono submitted to Steam Greenlight!

Well, exactly a month since the last post, here we go with some extra news.

Yume no Sono Steam Greenlight entry has gone up for voting. You can click at the image down here to enter the Steam page and support!


All votes and word of mouth are greatly welcomed and we hope to be able to release this project in particular later in 2017.

It’s going to be a VERY busy year in fact. We have a shorter project (Hoshi Agari) still in preparation. We already posted a teaser announcement last year and a progress report but things have changed a bit since then, hopefully for the better!

Thanks again everyone for your attention and we’ll continue working to finally deliver this and many other works!

Special thanks to Hiro-san for providing the Japanese translation of the entry and for bonkiru and A.D.P. for their hasty support and beliving this is possible. Well, thanks to so many people I would spend half the entry listing them!

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